【Dragon age】作業用Dragon age 2会話集【イザベラ1章】


◾ Isabela: Hello? Is Anders there? Can I speak to Anders?
◾ Anders: You can stop yelling. It's always me.
◾ Isabela: Oh, good. I didn't want to talk to that other guy. You know, the stick-in-the-mud.
◾ Anders: He can still hear you. Justice and I are one.
◾ Anders: Anyway, you wanted to talk to me?
◾ Isabela: Not really. I just wanted to make sure it was you.

◾ Anders: I keep thinking I know you from somewhere...
◾ Isabela: You're Fereldan, right? Ever spend time at the Pearl?
◾ Anders: That's it!
◾ Anders: You used to really like that girl with the griffon tattoos, right? What was her name?
◾ Isabela: The Lay Warden?
◾ Anders: That's right! I think you were there the night I—
◾ Isabela: Oh! Were you the runaway mage who could do that electricity thing? That was nice...
◾ Hawke: Please stop talking. Now.

(Or if Varric is in the party)
◾ Varric: I don't think I need to know this about either of you.

◾ Anders: Isabela, you never talk about the mages' plight.
◾ Isabela: What's there to say?
◾ Anders: There's plenty to say.
◾ Isabela: And you say enough for the lot of us, don't you think?
◾ Anders: So you're telling me you have no opinion on the matter?
◾ Isabela: None whatsoever!
◾ Anders: That can't be true.
◾ Isabela: No, I'm afraid I'm really this shallow.

◾ Anders: Sometimes, I think you have the right idea.
◾ Isabela: Handcuffs, whipped cream, always be on top?
◾ Anders: I never used to give two bits what anyone thought of me.
◾ Anders: Justice once asked me why I didn't do more for other mages. I told him it was too much work.
◾ Anders: But I couldn't go back after that. Couldn't stop thinking about it.
◾ Anders: Sometimes, I miss being that selfish.
◾ Isabela: Huh? Were you talking? I was still at "whipped cream."



◾ Aveline: So, Isabela. You're a captain?
◾ Isabela: That's right, big girl. What of it?
◾ Aveline: I don't remember your name on any registries. Every ship that docks has to declare.
◾ Isabela: I never docked, and you're no port authority.
◾ Aveline: And you... are no merchant.
◾ Isabela: Ooh... scrutiny.

◾ Isabela: Do men find you intimidating? What about Wesley? Did he?
◾ Aveline: Isabela...
◾ Isabela: What? Too soon?
◾ Aveline: Too soon, too personal, too... everything coming from you!
◾ Isabela: Ooh, sore spot?
◾ Aveline: If you don't shut up, I'll give you a sore spot.

◾ Isabela: You have such pretty hair. What a lovely color.
◾ Aveline: Other children used to laugh at me for having ginger hair.
◾ Isabela: Really? Aww. I bet you were cute. Did you have pigtails?
◾ Aveline: Sometimes.
◾ Isabela: How precious! Little Aveline, running around the village with her flaming orange pigtails streaming behind her...
◾ Isabela: ... and little boys all scattering and screaming for mercy as she approached.
◾ Aveline: Shut up, whore.

(Only if you complete The Way It Should Be)
◾ Isabela: Well. "Captain." Can I call you captain? You can call me captain.
◾ Aveline: I won't be doing that.
◾ Isabela: Neither will I. Because you're a guard captain. No real authority. Not like on a ship.
◾ Aveline: Well, you would know about having a large number of men under you.
◾ Isabela: You've been waiting to use that one. Did you practice?
◾ Aveline: Shut up.

(When entering the Blooming Rose for the first time)
◾ Isabela: "The difference between whores and courtesans is... well, they have nicer shoes."
◾ Aveline: I think your shoes are fine.
◾ Isabela: Look at you being funny! That might even get you a man someday.



◾ Bethany: What were you before you were a pirate?
◾ Isabela: I had a husband. He didn't beat me, that's about the best I can say about it.
◾ Bethany: So you left him?
◾ Isabela: He was murdered. By my lover. It was all very... Antivan.
◾ Bethany: Oh. I don't think I'd like to live in Antiva.

◾ Bethany: So you've... been with women. In bed?
◾ Isabela: I know. Shocking, isn't it?
◾ Isabela: You see, sweetness, men are only good for one thing. Women are good for six.
◾ Bethany: Six? Which six?
◾ Hawke: Isabela!
◾ Isabela: (Laughs)

◾ Bethany: I guess you've been with a lot of men.
◾ Isabela: Men. Women. Elves. A dwarf in drag once, but I don't recommend that.
◾ Bethany: Oh.
◾ Isabela: Aw... you're blushing! Why? How many lovers have you had?
◾ Bethany: I-I never—
◾ Isabela: You're a virgin? Hawke, you've been holding out on the poor girl! Get her a night at the Blooming Rose. On me!
◾ Bethany: That's, um, very generous.
◾ Isabela: I'm a giver.

◾ Bethany: That book you were reading this morning, "Hessarian's Spear"— I don't think he had a spear in the legends.
◾ Isabela: He does in this one. Read the description.
◾ Bethany: "Andraste knelt before no man but her Maker, but she hadn't counted on the archon Hessarian."
◾ Bethany: "Can Hessarian penetrate the tight-knit defenses of the warrior-prophetess? Will she be prepared to face the full blast of his... power?"
◾ Bethany: Wait a minute... Isabela! This is a vulgar thing!
◾ Isabela: You want to borrow it?
◾ Bethany: No!
◾ Isabela: You sure? It has pictures!
◾ Bethany: Not listening! I'm not listening!

((When entering the barracks in the Viscount's Keep)
◾ Isabela: Coming here of my own free will feels wrong... Like diddling a sister.
◾ Bethany: Why? Why do you say these things?



◾ Isabela: I saw you at the Blooming Rose the other night.
◾ Carver: What? No you didn't.
◾ Isabela: I suppose someone else stole your chin to romance Faith?
◾ Carver: (Scoffs) That's unlikely. She wasn't even working.
◾ Isabela: Mm-hmm. Got you.


(The next line changes depending on your third party member)
◾ Aveline: Carver!
◾ Varric: Oh ho! Nicely done.
◾ Merrill: I don't get it.


(If one of the previous lines didn't trigger, and Hawke has not slept with anyone in the Blooming Rose)
◾ Hawke: Carver, what would Mother say?
◾ Carver: You're just... that's not what I... shit!

◾ Carver: So, Isabela. You captained a ship? That's a lot of men to handle. For you to command.
◾ Isabela: Well aren't you just adorable fumbling for a topic.
◾ Carver: You say that like I'm harmless.
◾ Isabela: As harmless as a pup that will someday grow into its fangs and sink them deep.
◾ Carver: Sure, keep teasing. I'll show you how much of a pup I am.
◾ Isabela: I know. That's why I do it.

◾ Isabela: You look like a man I once dueled.
◾ Isabela: He was a little intimated by my reputation as a vicious pirate, but rose to the challenge.
◾ Carver: He looked like me, you say?
◾ Isabela: It went on all night, under the stars, the waves lapping at our ankles.
◾ Carver: On the beach? In the surf? How did you get proper footing?
◾ Isabela: We didn't. There was quite a bit of tumbling around, and we were soaked and sore by the time the sun came up.
◾ Carver: Did you... win?
◾ Isabela: I managed to get on top in the end, but I considered it a tie.

◾ Carver: Why is it always about sex with you?
◾ Isabela: It's not. Sometimes it's about sex with other people.
◾ Carver: You see? It comes up every single time we talk.
◾ Isabela: We're just talking, Carver. If it comes up, that's not my fault.
◾ Carver: What? I mean... that's not what I meant. It... it doesn't!
◾ Carver: I hate you so much.



◾ Isabela: So what's with that magical fisting thing you do?
◾ Fenris: I'm... sorry?
◾ Isabela: You know, when you stick your hand into people.
◾ Fenris: Oh. That. Yes. It's a... talent.
◾ Isabela: You could make so much coin with that.

◾ Isabela: This one time, I was sailing and there was a fight between two of my men.

◾ Isabela: It was over a dice game, or the last piece of toast, or something. Sailors—they're touchy about their toast.

◾ Fenris: Is this going anywhere?

◾ Isabela: It will if you let me finish.

◾ Isabela: So, there's a knife fight, and Jim ends up with a broken-off blade stuck in his shoulder.

◾ Isabela: It's buried deep in there, and we're out at sea, at least a week from the nearest port.

◾ Isabela: If you were there, you could've reached in and plucked that blade right from his flesh.

◾ Fenris: That's your whole point?

◾ Isabela: Pretty much.


◾ Isabela: I enjoy a man with markings like that.
◾ Fenris: You've enjoyed many, I suspect.
◾ Isabela: Where I come from, they're called "tattoos." Sailors get them all the time.
◾ Fenris: Not made of lyrium, I'd imagine.
◾ Isabela: Not a one. And the pictures are different—usually breasts.
◾ Fenris: I suppose a pair of lyrium breasts tattooed onto my chest would make things better.
◾ Isabela: That's me. I'm a helper.

◾ Fenris: So this relic you mentioned losing...
◾ Isabela: You have pretty eyes.
◾ Fenris: I... have pretty eyes.
◾ Isabela: You elves have such pretty eyes, even the men. It makes me want to pluck them out and wear them as a necklace.
◾ Fenris: I wouldn't suggest trying.
◾ Isabela: Oh, I would never try. Not without reason, of course.
◾ Fenris: Forget I said anything.

◾ Fenris: So you freed a group of slaves?
◾ Isabela: Would-be slaves. They weren't slaves yet.
◾ Fenris: Still, you did the right thing. Many would turn a blind eye.
◾ Isabela: Don't read too much into it, all right? It just seemed a good idea at the time.

(While speaking to Jethann in The Blooming Rose during the quest The First Sacrifice)
◾ Isabela: Ooh, I like him. He reminds me of someone.
◾ Fenris: Can't imagine who.



◾ Isabela: Friend of yours?
◾ Flemeth: You speak the word as if it were cheap coin, meant for spending.
◾ Isabela: You don't know me.
◾ Flemeth: Oh, I know your type.



(If you romanced Leliana in Dragon Age: Origins and had a threesome with Isabela:)
◾ Isabela: Leliana?
◾ Leliana: Isabela?
◾ Isabela: "Sister Nightingale," indeed. I remember it didn't take much to make you sing.
◾ Leliana: *laughs awkwardly*
◾ Merrill: I like singing! Were you in a choir together?
◾ Isabela: Not exactly, Kitten.
◾ Varric: Is there anyone in Ferelden you haven't slept with, Rivaini?
◾ Merrill: Oh, is that what she... oh. Oh.
◾ Leliana: Perhaps we... should get back to the reason I'm here.



◾ Merrill: How do you do that?
◾ Isabela: Do what, Kitten?
◾ Merrill: You sort of... swagger when you walk. I've been trying, but I trip over my own feet when I do it.
◾ Isabela: You just strut. It's not something you practice.
◾ Merrill: How do I learn it, then?
◾ Isabela: It comes to you. Usually at night. It's like a lover... or maybe a burglar.
◾ Isabela: Either it ravishes you or runs off with all your jewelry. And you have to run it down and stab it in the heart.
◾ Isabela: And... that metaphor got a bit away from me, didn't it?
◾ Merrill: I think it did, but it was certainly exciting!

◾ Merrill: Do you really like sailing?
◾ Isabela: Like it? I love it! The salt spray on my face, the wind whipping by my ears, the gulls screaming overhead—I love it all.
◾ Merrill: Don't you get sick? I was so sick on our trip across the sea.
◾ Isabela: Were you in the hold?
◾ Merrill: Everyone was in the hold.
◾ Isabela: There's your problem. You need to be up on deck, under the sky, with nothing between you and the horizon.
◾ Isabela: Sailing is like sex. Do it wrong, and it'll make you sick.
◾ Isabela: But do it right, and there's no feeling in the world like it.

◾ Merrill: Do you have a parrot, Isabela?
◾ Isabela: What would I want a parrot for?
◾ Merrill: What about a peg leg? Do you have one of those?
◾ Isabela: You can see that I don't, dear.
◾ Merrill: Eye patch?
◾ Isabela: I'm disappointing you terribly, aren't I? And no hook for a hand, either.
◾ Merrill: Seems that Varric's pirate stories are awfully inaccurate.
◾ Isabela: He knows, Kitten. He likes them better that way.

◾ Isabela: It's not always fun and games on the sea, though. There are storms and hostile pirates.
◾ Isabela: And it's trying being cooped up with men who haven't seen a woman in months.
◾ Merrill: You're a woman.
◾ Isabela: Exactly. And I don't usually let them touch me, so they get... frustrated.
◾ Isabela: I insist all of them get alone time. Helps with the crankiness.
◾ Merrill: But they're already lonely! Why would you insist that they be alone some more?
◾ Isabela: Merrill.
◾ Merrill: What? Did I miss something?
◾ Isabela: Go think about it. Maybe it'll come to you.

(While speaking to Jethann in The Blooming Rose during the quest The First Sacrifice)
◾ Isabela: Ooh, I like him. He reminds me of someone.
◾ Merrill: He does? Who is it?

(If Varric is in the party)
◾ Varric: I'll tell you when you're older, Daisy.
◾ Isabela: Think about it, Kitten.
◾ Merrill: Well, you couldn't have meant Varric, because he's not even an elf—oh... Ohh! You were referring to yourself. Sorry!
◾ Isabela: See? I knew it'd come to you.